The World According to Paris?

June 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

Paris Hilton is extremely talented at being famous for being famous. Secretly, I enjoyed her single. I am sure Paris has more attributes to her than a baby voice, 10 perfumes and a sex tape. Because of this open mindset of mine, I decided to give her new show a chance, “The World According to Paris.”  I am two episodes into the show, and I have found the one reality show that is way too awful for even me. Paris spends her days with her friends. One is Charlie Sheen’s (winning!) ex, a photographer and her stylish. So you know, she is best friends with all her employees. I have spent two hours of my life in shock. Here are some of my favorite moments of the show:

  • Paris wants to fire her personal assistant because the personal assistant writes porn. Wake up call Paris, when you sold your sex tape to make some bones, you have no ability to judge people on writing porn…they are not starring in it.
  • Paris runs out of gas in her car. She is 1.5 miles away from where she is trying to get to. Instead of walking, she calls a friend to bring her gas. Instead of turning the car off, she leaves it on and the battery dies. While all of this is happening, the paparazzi are of course taking her picture. She proceeds to complain about all the photos being taken of her. Really Paris? I mean, if the paparazzi did not take your photo, you would not be making millions of dollars. You would just be living off that hotel money.
  • Paris and her boyfriend, Cy are in a fight because Paris was texting a guy she use to casually date. Cy found a text where the guy asked Paris to go on a date with her. Instead of saying, (baby voice) “hey handsome i have a bf. so no go on the date. thx anyway. thats hot.” She tells the guy that she might go on a date with him. She does not understand why Cy is mad at her. Paris, girlfriend, when you are in a committed relationship, the guy you are committed to likes to be the only guy you are committed to. This means you do not date other men, do not think about dating other men and you do not lead other men on.

Please do not think that Paris is completely superficial. I am sure the girl is really nice, not at all spoiled and enjoys doing her community service work. I cannot completely knock her because I do not know her, but this image she is insisting on projecting to society makes me cry for the youth. I have my fingers crossed little girls are not going to be following in Paris’ footsteps, but then again I have seen “Toddlers and Tiaras.”


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