big time fail

June 11, 2011 § 4 Comments

Sometime ago, I created a list of “24 things before 24.” I wanted to give you a little update on where I stand with this. I must say, after reviewing this, I realize that I am not doing so well on meeting some of these goals. I suppose school did take up a lot of my time, so some of these goals had to be pushed aside, but I am still disappointed in myself. I figure if I post this here again, it forces me to get down to business. Hold me accountable guys because right now it is all kinds of sad faces because I am failing.

  1.  find a full-time job
  2. create a business off of my crafts
  3. move into a new apartment (post regarding this coming soon)
  4. buy a new camera. slr preferably (although I did not get an SLR, my Mister did gift me with a new camera)
  5. learn to crochet
  6. take a monthly self-portrait for a solid year (5/12)
  7. go to the deep Midwest
  8. finish ten books that are on my “books to read before I die” list (2/10…reviews coming soon of the two I read already)
  9. go to Nashville
  10. send ten care packages to friends that do not live near me (7/10…I need 3 more so if you want a care package, email me your address and we can become pen-pals/care package buddies)
  11. camp for three nights
  12. plan a party for a friend/family member (helped my mother and father plan Drew and Tiff’s baby shower for Porter)
  13. make dinner for my parents at my house
  14. take photos of my nephew (I do this every single time I see my Porter, so I am succeeding with this goal.)
  15. visit my aunt Wilma for a week
  16. take a cooking class
  17. sew a dress
  18. finish my collection of short stories (To be fair, my writing hero Junot Diaz took 11 years to write his masterpiece, so if I can get one more short story written then I am happy.)
  19. take a road trip
  20. grow my own veggies
  21. make sure I write about each of these goals (I think I have, but I need to go back in the archives and make sure I have written about some of them.)
  22. knit a blanket
  23. watch every episode of Law and Order…this is going to be a hard one. (I think I need to begin watching Law and Order to get through all 20 seasons.)
  24. get baptized

On another note, I am hoping to get all caught up today on weekend photo editing, blog post, things that need to be done around my house and all that jazz. With the power going out for hours a week ago because of storms, spending time with Andi before she travels the world again, going into work at 645am for the week…I am a little behind on everything. Bare with me friends! (Sidenote: Anyone seen that South Park where they say, “I’m not your friend, pal.” “I’m not your pal, buddy.” “I’m not your buddy, friend.”? Every time I say friend, the Mister goes into this saying. So now whenever I say friend or write it and he is not around, I do the whole saying in my mind too.)


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