raids in the neighborhood

June 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Weekdays that begin to get crazy before 5pm on a Friday are the best things ever. I am telling you, my weekend was anything but ordinary or boring. How many of you guys have watched a raid go down across the street from your bedroom? Not many? Well this chic right here did! It was insane, scary and exciting; I could not take my eyes out of the little hole I made with my fingers in the blinds like a true creeper neighbor.Friday I got off work at 3pm because I had been going in at 7am due to a broke air conditioner. It was a horrible working environment for three weeks, but that is not important to the story really. My sister and I arrived at the house at the same time. She was planning on cutting the grass, and I was planning on working out for a bit before we headed over to my Gma’s house for her birthday dinner with my parents and our aunt who was in town from New York. After working out and talking to Allison, I hopped into the shower and heard the lawn mower start. I did my thing in the shower: lather, rinse and repeat, then proceeded to my bedroom that faces a busy street. Once I had reached by bedroom, I heard my sister had made the lawn mowers way to the front lawn. Then I heard a car backfire twice while I began getting dressed, or rather I was figuring out if I had clean underwear or not. “GET THE FUCK ON THE GROUND! I SAID GET THE FUCK ON THE GROUND!” I immediately realized that this was not normally heard at oh 430pm on a Friday; so I looked outside my window creeper style through the blinds to see what was going on. I mean, my little sister is outside cutting grass, and that was obviously not a car backfiring. To my astonishment, across the street from my bedroom window was a SWAT team and about 20 plain clothes police officers breaking a door down. Naturally, I sat down on my bed to watch the whole thing. I could still hear the lawn mower running so I assumed my sister was doing the same thing on the sidewalk. As I watched the 30 members of Louisville’s finest SWAT team go through the house, a girl no older than 26 was being put in handcuffs. She was crying and looked scared. After the police sat her down on the front porch swing, an older lady on my side of the street that was dressed similar to someone you would see on COPS was running down the sidewalk, barefoot, screaming to the girl, “WHAT’S GOING ON?…I AM CALLING YOUR MOTHER!!!”  I know this is like a serious issue, but I could not help but laugh at that lady. It was like watching an episode of Trailer Park Boys right in my neighborhood!At this point, I realized I had to pull my camera out and take some photos. You know for scrapbooking purposes….as I was finishing up the photo shot through the blinds, the police officers began to bring out duffel bags and empty them on the front porch. My sister had then made it into the house screaming at the top of her lungs that we need to watch the bust go down. Girlfriend, I was already at that window with my popcorn watching. As things slowed down, two thoughts crossed my mind: 1. I am a paralegal doing criminal defense, why am I not across the street sticking my card in that girls tiny handcuffed palm? 2. My Gma may be eating dinner with two less guest there because my sister and I are not moving for anything right now. I soon realized that the first is unethical and lacking tact, and the second thought was just so bad; my Gma rocks.

So how was your weekend?


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