fabulous group hits again

June 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Back in my younger days, (I already do not like how I am starting this out…) I partied and partied hard with Alyson and Nathan. I remember nights of endless wine, Project Runway and then an awful wake up call at 6am for work the next day. Since my career has officially started, I have not partied like that during the week. Let’s face it, working hung over, possibly still drunk at 8am with only 2 hours of sleep is one of the most miserable experiences someone can have. It is not something I like to make a habit of because I am not young and cannot bounce back from a binge drinking session like I use to. Plus, job performance must be at an all-time-high-level all the time with my job. However, if you are going to party on say a Wednesday night, make sure you have the following: an unlimited amount of energy drinks, (Monster Lo-Cal are great.) plenty of Vodka, a fabulous group of friends, lots of music, a room to either run, dance or do cartwheels and finally weather that is not on the verge of taking your rough off.

Tuesday night Alyson informed me that we would be going out Wednesday night with her. I told the Mister, and everything seemed to be coming together very nice, until I found out we would not even be hitting the bar until 11pm. This naturally made me a little nervous because I have work so early the next morning. However, I was determined to make this work. I came home Wednesday night from work, grabbed some grub, energy drink and then Derek came over to kick it with us and at least pregame at Alyson and Adam’s place before we left for the bars.

Bring on the rain. All of a sudden, I am getting text message after text message about tornados in my area and to seek cover immediately. I go to my front porch and see sunshine. Derek and the Mister had run to White Castle (cringe), so I text them to see if the weather was bad the two blocks down the road they were. Nope. Nothing. So we continued on with our night, until Carrie called and said Derek had to come home immediately. All three of us still rather confused went back outside to survey the atmosphere. Still nothing until we saw debris fall from the sky: paper, leaves and tree branches, roof installation and a black sky in front of me. Carrie called Derek again and said five roofs had been taken off of Churchill Downs and confirmed tornadoes struck down on the University of Louisville’s campus (both 1 mile from me). At this point, I lose power. Derek packs up and heads home, and I contact Alyson. She says to stay home until the tornado warnings are through at 845pm because there are tornadoes hitting her area of Louisville which is about 15 miles from me.

The Mister and I have a dilemma. Do we go and party, something we have prepared ourselves for all day or do we stay inside a home with no power and enjoy each others company like last time? Needless to say, we are either completely ignorant or just love to keep plans because we went to Alyson and Adam’s. This required us to literally race the storm to her house. Not even 5 minutes after we got to their place, all five tornado sirens began to go off for the St. Matthews area. It was intense, but I did feel safer being in a home with rooms that I could seek shelter in, they still had power and they had plenty of drinks. Everything was set for a great night.

Adam and Nathan arrived an hour after us, we began our night of shots. The theme of our shot glass names for the night were famous dead people.

  • Nathan: Michael Jackson “Because I like boys Alyson!”
  • The Mister: Steve “The Crocodile Hunter” Irwin
  • Adam: Jimi Hendrix
  • Me: Karen Carpenter
  • Alyson: Jackie O

The rest of the night was filled with cartwheels, lots and lots of rain, pictures galore, shots shots shots, Lady Gaga v. Madonna, dancing in the kitchen and over all just doing what we do best when together: be fabulous! I did not bring my camera because we were racing the storm, but I did capture some gems with my phone.

The Mister does not like to be touched, hugged or anything similar. Alyson ended up attacking him for at least an hour.Alyson and Adam passed out around 3am. Nathan and I made sure to document it due to the trash talk that occurred earlier in the night regarding being able to keep up with each other.

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