June 28, 2011 § 2 Comments

I have a list of fiction novels that I want to read before I die…kind of morbid but whatever. I created my personal list from many websites I found on the internet. In the end, I had complied a list of 1000 books beginning with Beowulf and ending with recent fiction. Slow Man was on Oprah’s book club list, (This was not why I picked it; I do not like Oprah.) so many of you may have read the book by now. If not, you are not really missing much.

As the title might suggest, this book is slow. It begins with action, and then slowly falls into the pace of the main character’s mobility. The main character, Paul, was hit by a car riding his bike and loses his leg. After the accident, the book’s plot begins a very boring climb to something that might offer some sort of action. I took this long, drawn out rising action as the author’s way of making the audience feel as bored with life as Paul becomes. This almost backfired for me. I stuck with it and continued reading; I figured it is better than doing nothing while on an exercise bike for an hour. Although the book’s story took forever to get started, I am talking after the first 100 pages it starts to get interesting, it was enjoyable after Paul’s fairy godmother type person finally came onto the scene. She was either there to write a story about Paul, become his lover or she was just insane. She did interacted with the other characters in the book, so I concluded it was not a Fight Club motif.

” ‘And I learned a lesson from it: that love need not be reciprocated as long as there is enough of it in the room. This girl had enough love for two. You are the writer, the heart expert, but did you know that? If you love deeply enough, it is not necessary to be loved back.’ “

This was one of the few moments the book stood out to me and caused my ballpoint pen to underline words. The book had charm but not enough for me to strongly suggest someone to read it unless they just recently lost an arm or a leg. You are welcomed to read this book, but do not be upset at me if it does not move you.


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