busy, full weekend

July 6, 2011 § 3 Comments

My firm was closed on Friday, so I had a four-day weekend! I started it off with a proper bang which included a surprise for my Mister, girl time with my Katie and lots and lots of photos. I am talking 300+ pictures! Here is a little sneak peek.

This is just a sneak peek…all the edit photos Katie did are just phenomenal. The Mister seemed to be pretty pleased with his surprise. I could tell a huge difference in both my and Katie’s comfort levels in front and behind the camera since the last time we did this. The two of us were on it that day. We were outside for 3 hours in our hometown at Katie’s grandparent’s old farmhouse. It was so gorgeous. I am talking breath-taking green hills, smell of mint in fields and old, rusted-out cars. I did not realize how exhausted I was because of all the walking, posing and changing of clothes until I got home. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was out for the count.

I took my Gma shopping Friday morning which included surprise deals at the check out counter (cannot beat that!), new pillows and lunch. My Gma is so much fun and sassy. It was really nice to have time together, just the two of us. It has been awhile since we had a girls day. That afternoon the Mister and I headed to my older brother’s friend’s house to pick up our new-to-us end tables and tv. It turns out the end tables were originally given to Tim and Kristy (Logan’s parents) free at a yard sale years ago, then they gave them to some of their friends and now we have them! So the end tables have had a total of 4 different families that we know of right now.

With the loaded car and all, we hit up Old Chicago for some dinner then made a surprise visit to Alyson. We woke her up just in time for her to cut her grass. Finally, we went to Derek and Carrie‘s house. The night was spent with music knowledge and a board game (obviously).

Saturday was spent getting things tidy around the house for a new move. However, that night was spent with the fabulous crew again. We were looking hot, possibly two sheets to the wind and practiced our back rubs on each other in the car on the way to the bar.

Sunday was all about the family cookouts for us. We went to the Mister’s first, ate way too much, had tons of laughs, admired sunburns and discussed the Mister’s cousin’s upcoming wedding. The 40 minute drive to my family’s cookout did not help the Mister and my stuffed stomach from emptying out. I honestly think I ate enough for a small army. How was your fourth? Funny enough, of all the activities the Mister and I did this weekend, we did not go to one place to watch fireworks.


§ 3 Responses to busy, full weekend

  • Katie says:

    Oh, we had so much fun. 😉 Despite the spider bite on my leg, that is!

    • leigh says:

      dude. alyson b. and i were talking about it the other night. we got on the topic of this documentary called “under my skin” about lyme disease. anyway, alyson and i were convinced it was nothing more than like a wound from one of the boys and not a tick bite or anything of the sorts.

  • Katie says:

    It’s definitely a bite – you can see two identical bite marks right next to each other. I’m assuming that the massive bruising was from scratching the HELL out of it in my sleep Thursday night? I’ll send you the pic I took Sunday or Monday, it’s gross!

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