happy endings…

July 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Outwardly things are stressful, secretly I am excited and terrified about the changes I am about to experience. I grew comfortable after months of dread and fear two years ago. My sister, Allison, and I have not had the greatest sisterly relationship to say the least. In all actuality, we did not have much of a relationship at all. We loved each other because we had to, admired each other for traits the other possessed and were cordial. The winter of 2008 when my parents informed me that my sister had to live with me, I immediately just dropped to the nearest seat trembling. I had just gotten use to living alone for a year, and now I am being forced to live with a person that is the exact opposite of me despite sharing genetic make-up? I restored back to teenage angst; I felt my parents were trying to ruin my life. So I did what any logical 20-year-old would do, I threw a tantrum. I know, my proudest moment. They had their minds set; Allison and Leigh were going to be sharing an address.

At first I felt like I was constantly walking on egg shells. After we got into the groove of things, everything started to work out really well. We shared clothes, listen to music, watch chick flicks, experienced a bit of under age drinking and made dinner together. Eventually we started to have a friendship that was comfortable. I told her secrets. We watched our team and T-Will conquer the night while I conquered back flips out of joy. She came to me as a little sister should. I truly understood what it meant to be a big sister after I left a party after getting a voicemail from her crying. She did not ask me to come home, but I knew she needed me. I held her during her first heart-break and explained the goodness of fried oreos in times of despair. It was in that moment, I realized that my parents needed us to live together, not only because it would help each other out, but living together would allow us to create a relationship that sisters should have for the rest of their life.

She has moved out officially now. She has her own address; it is a bittersweet moment. Although I am happy for her, and realize that she needs her own space, a part of me is going to miss the nights it was just us, a laptop for music and the stove running for dinner. I grew to appreciate the fact that we are so different. I love her terribly and will miss her being in the same apartment as me….at least she is next door.


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