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July 30, 2011 § 3 Comments

photo by katie

I have spoken about why I blog before, but now it has been brought to my attention some people do not feel that my blog is authentic. This was brought up in casual conversation because the person which addressed this “concern”  knows very private details of my life. Private details of my life that I vowed to NEVER, EVER mention on my blog for many reasons.

Although this is a personal blog, and for the most part I share every detail of my life, my relationship is something that I never wanted completely out in the open. Why? Well, I have several reasons. For one, I do not think that my fights between the Mister and I need to be showcased on my blog. The fights we have stem from a very long and complicated past that is not easy to explain in one or two posts. Second, I respect my relationship. I respect my relationship on such a strong level that I do not want to actually say his name on this blog, hence I refer to him as “Mister.” There are things he might not be okay with me posting on my blog…private fights or details that are not allowed for the general public. They are for us. Finally, I do not want to put all the ugly, nasty details on my blog. I want my blog to be positive. I want my blog to be filled with good memories I will be able to reflect on later in my years.

Whether someone is happy with what I put on my blog or not is frankly none of their concern. This is my little space on the internet, not for anyone else. If I want to only include happy things in my life and not let everyone read about my disappointments or anger, than that is my right. I do not want people to come to my blog to read about what drama happened this day at work, with my friends or in my relationship. I want people to come here to read about me, read about things that make me happy, inspire me, challenge me or just what I have been up to. If you have a problem with it, do not read it. It won’t hurt my feelings.


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