get it together

August 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

I have been nothing but a negative nancy as of late. (Sidenote: I feel so bad for anyone named “Nancy;” they are stuck with such bad rep.) Nothing has made me super excited or happy; all my energy, can-do attitude and positive light has disappeared. I feel drained, defeated and just tired of being tired. Last weekend was spent surrounded by friends. For two nights in a row my house was filled with laughter, love and lots of food. Will and I decided to have a cookout. It did cause us to lay around in bed the next day but well worth it. Around 5am Saturday night/Sunday morning, I felt completely at peace with everything around me. My house was quiet, there was a storm outside and there was a wonderful, yet sometimes difficult man with his warmth blanketing me sharing my bed and everything was fine. My worries regarding my work, family members health issues, feuding with other family members, missing my Gma (she has been in NY for about a month now) and stress from beginning life with my little brother while facing the realization that I have to grow up has torn me down and out for sometime now. In that moment though, it all disappeared.

I needed to let loose, and I did just that this past weekend. Not only was some just good ol’ letting loose required and some stepping away from my computer for a bit, but I also needed some kind of break to take my mind away from everything. The Mister’s family had a Zip Lining day trip planned for a month or so. We went yesterday, and it was the perfect break. I slept in, I had fun and went wild on the lines and then ended the night early with a documentary. Not to mention, my cell phone was off for four hours, no work calls, no family calls, no worry about anything but being under ground and having a blast.

I finally am coming around and feeling like my old self again. It will take some time, but I will get there.


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