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August 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

Currently I am sitting on my couch, the house is empty and Teen Mom is playing in the background. I haven’t had alone time in about a month. I am soaking it up as much as I can before it ends. Playing catch up on my blogging is on the top of my to-do list so this is what I am working on right now. As promised, here is my phone photo dump from July. Eek. Over two weeks late…way to go Leigh.

1. long, curly hair  2. elmo works for a pawn shop now  3. new end tables  4. note from my Mister  5. little gamer  6. slug  7. homemade baby wipes  8. new futon  9. four loko  10. NKOTBSB  11. possibly the cutest kid ever


another cell phone dump

July 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Enjoying a day at the pool with some of my favorite kids.I love the sky on Father’s Day. Love this (although bad quality) picture of my Grandparents.(From Family Guy) The Mister and I send this to each other every time is starts to rain. My new-to-me couch for the move I have been hinting at for sometime now. Only in Kentucky: “Get a full tank of freedom.”My little brother’s thank you note to his friend Tanner made me laugh so hard: “Dear Tanner/ Thanks bud; I really enjoyed the gift, friend! With college just around the corner it will be put to great use. Hope we get to hang out soon buddy…I ❤ u/Will”

phone dump

June 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Again, I am clearing out my phone photos like I have been doing for the past few months. It has been keeping the photo file space on my phone clean. Enjoy some more!

This was my little brother’s 8th grade suit for a dance. Flashy and looks like it still fits him.

pictures from the Mister

Jackson David 7lbs. 1oz. 20in.Fact: I cut myself with a butter knife.Do this every day for a month. I promise you will see results. (Do not know where original came from, if you do let me know so I can properly cite.)

Hair is getting long…makes me happy.He melts my heart.The little jerks are every where in my house now because of summertime. This one was in my sink under a plate that I lifted up to wash.

phone photo dump

May 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

Every month I have been dumping the photos that I take on my phone. The Mister and I send each other roughly 2 photos a day each of different/funny/strange things we come across. Because of this daily ritual, I have acquired a ton of photos on my phone. I really honestly need to dump them once a month for space. I figured, when I dump them, I might as well share them all with you.big hairthe doodles after learning that one adult can legally adopt another adult in kentuckyflowers “sent” to me by the MisterMister brought me a fortune cookieEaster picture from the Misterlearn about Ball tha Bad Guy heregood luck charm (from Alyson) for mock trial dayceiling at work after all the raingifts from Darren while he was doing scholarly things abroad (Thanks again, Darren!)this was on a car outside Denny’s after the Mister and i ate dinner one night. swear

Phone Photo Dump

April 16, 2011 § 2 Comments

Billie left a note with an owl for me in my Criminal Litigation notes.

Okay, no joke, this is a weave. It was in my firm’s parking lot one morning. Ahhh, the adventures of law work.

Dinner one night: baked salmon, lentils and lettuce. Surprisingly good.

Further adventures in law work: my boss, a 50-something male, yelled that there was a “rat” in his office. Notice the baby mouse in the trash can. Yes, I, a 20-something female, had to catch the critter because the boss was too scared.

Dinner another night: lentils and red onions with beets on top.

Sign in the bathroom at University of Louisville

My St. Patty’s day drink. I had class so green beer was not in the schedule for me. Instead, I used my skills of improv with liquor and Mountain Dew. It turned out more teal than anything.

I made my green drink with Mountain Dew from dinner and this blue stuff.

8 hours to move files that need to be destroyed at my firm. This is only a 1/4 of everything I moved. To give you an idea of the pile size, the files were up to my hips, and I am 5’9.

photo dump

March 12, 2011 § 2 Comments

(image heavy. photo dump from phone)

failed attempt of making waffles

what real waffles should look like

notes from political sciene

further evidence i am failing as a women-its suppose to be a cake

dress up

valentines day gift for the mister

really good beer from the mister’s dad

phone photo dump

January 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

(This is really image heavy.)

As I have said, I take a lot of random photos on my phone. Due to lack of space, I need to dump them every now and then. I have decided once a month I will dump all the new photos I have and give you a little peek into what I see every day or just things that have happened throughout the day that I have not blogged about.

The Mister, his best friend and I played 500 one night. This was the first time I won. (middle score)

Ice Storm

what the Mister and I did when iced in for a day

the Mister’s nephew, Garrison

Jessica and I watching Babes in Toyland

my work’s holiday dinner

holiday dinner again

watching the UofL vs. UK game with some of my favorite boys

I was helping my favorite kiddos dad clean out their basement and discovered this gem.

My plumber left a “Happy New Year” note and made my ducky float.

doing some cleaning in the basement at my firm

first real snow of the season

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