The World According to Paris?

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Paris Hilton is extremely talented at being famous for being famous. Secretly, I enjoyed her single. I am sure Paris has more attributes to her than a baby voice, 10 perfumes and a sex tape. Because of this open mindset of mine, I decided to give her new show a chance, “The World According to Paris.”  I am two episodes into the show, and I have found the one reality show that is way too awful for even me. Paris spends her days with her friends. One is Charlie Sheen’s (winning!) ex, a photographer and her stylish. So you know, she is best friends with all her employees. I have spent two hours of my life in shock. Here are some of my favorite moments of the show:

  • Paris wants to fire her personal assistant because the personal assistant writes porn. Wake up call Paris, when you sold your sex tape to make some bones, you have no ability to judge people on writing porn…they are not starring in it.
  • Paris runs out of gas in her car. She is 1.5 miles away from where she is trying to get to. Instead of walking, she calls a friend to bring her gas. Instead of turning the car off, she leaves it on and the battery dies. While all of this is happening, the paparazzi are of course taking her picture. She proceeds to complain about all the photos being taken of her. Really Paris? I mean, if the paparazzi did not take your photo, you would not be making millions of dollars. You would just be living off that hotel money.
  • Paris and her boyfriend, Cy are in a fight because Paris was texting a guy she use to casually date. Cy found a text where the guy asked Paris to go on a date with her. Instead of saying, (baby voice) “hey handsome i have a bf. so no go on the date. thx anyway. thats hot.” She tells the guy that she might go on a date with him. She does not understand why Cy is mad at her. Paris, girlfriend, when you are in a committed relationship, the guy you are committed to likes to be the only guy you are committed to. This means you do not date other men, do not think about dating other men and you do not lead other men on.

Please do not think that Paris is completely superficial. I am sure the girl is really nice, not at all spoiled and enjoys doing her community service work. I cannot completely knock her because I do not know her, but this image she is insisting on projecting to society makes me cry for the youth. I have my fingers crossed little girls are not going to be following in Paris’ footsteps, but then again I have seen “Toddlers and Tiaras.”


sick day

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My jam packed weekend/month of activities caught up to me, and I took ill this morning. It was not a pleasant morning beginning around 430-5ish. Hopefully my day of tea, water and resting will help me recovery by tomorrow. At least I have Ricky, Jillian and Bubbles to keep me feeling human.

bad girls club

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Sometimes a girl just needs to veg out on a couch with some bad reality tv. Embarrassingly, this girl tends to watch bad reality tv too much all the time. I am not ashamed to admit that I watch reality tv because I also watch educational tv like Weird Weekends. Yet, this is still really pathetic; I am an addict. I am addicted to the “Bad Girls Club.” Eek! I know. To be fair, there has been six seasons, and I have only watched two seasons. My addiction began after watching an episode with my sister. (She lives for reality tv.) All it took was one girl’s trademark phrase, and then I was hooked.

Season 4 was fantastic. It was dramatic and insane. That was two years ago though. I am talking today about Season 6 that just wrapped up. It was even more dramatic, fight-fueled and insane than the season when they were “running LA.” I am getting ahead of myself. Let me break down what BCG is all about.  Seven rebellious or “bad girls” move into a mansion to live together. The problem is that each person comes from a different background, there are many different race and sexual orientations. These girls must learn how to handle random changes in mood and behavior.  Also, there is not suppose to be any physical violence, but I am pretty sure there was a fight every single episode. Oh and each girl is suppose to learn and grow from this experience. Yea, I did not really understand this point either?

Now, typically a girl leaves the club because it is too much to handle, and a new girl comes to the BGC home to take her place. It happens maybe once. This season, they had 3 replacements all of which ended up leaving the house as well. So in total, there were seven girls that left this house this particular season because it was too much drama. Honestly, watching it, I do not blame these girls at all.

One of the original bad girls from this season who ended up staying until the end, Lauren, was from Kentucky. Of course, I had to watch the show to represent. I mean, country girls have to stick together. (Are you buying that or should I just swallow my pride and admit to watching?) She quickly became my favorite because she did not purposely start drama, was genuinely sweet and held her own when need be…oh and she is from the bluegrass state. Her sense of humor was unique, and she was educated. One of my favorite moments is when Lauren is being called a hillbilly by this chic from Chicago name Jess. I have always been called a hillbilly. If you do not know what a hillbilly is, let me explain. A hillbilly is a Southerner who goes barefoot, drinks whiskey, (SIDENOTE: Kentucky hillbillies will drink Bourbon because it was created in KY.) plays the banjo, has bad teeth and is poorly educated. Jess constantly referred to her as a hillbilly and how she does not like hillbillies. In the same episode, Jess has a difficult time learning what defines a noun, adverb, subject and syllable. It just made me laugh so hard because Lauren was anything but a hillbilly. She even tells a male visitor that she has never seen a cow before.

This show was hilarious. I loved being able to sit in front of the tv after a hard day at school/work and not think at all. I do not think that it kills braincells watching mindless television, but then again, I could be wrong. Either way, for something that takes zero effort to watch or simply just background noise, BGC is the show.

An Idiot Abroad

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I got to spend a nice Friday afternoon with Billie just relaxing. When the Mister came home, we enjoyed some pizza and hard cider. Early night for all of us. Bed by midnight.

On Saturday, my windshield was replaced, and I discovered Ricky Gervais’ new show, “An Idiot Abroad. (AIA)” It is no secret that I love “The Office.” If you have kept up with society for the past, oh seven years, you would know that Gervais created this amazing sitcom. The Mister and I are huge fans of Gervais. I discovered this little gem of Gervais’ while playing around on my On Demand. In case you are interesting in looking into this show, I found it on the Science Channel.


AIA is so unbelievable funny. Gervais has basically done it again and created a hit. The show is based around Gervais and Stephan Merchant’s, the creators of “The Office,” friend Karl and his adventures to the 7 wonders of the world. On a serious note, this guy is an idiot but a funny one. He is hilarious. Karl has no idea what Gervais and Merchant have planned for him in each of the countries they send him to. He gets a voicemail, normally after he is already elbows deep in camel or firecrackers, (to name a few of his adventures) that lead him on wild goose chases before actually seeing the wonder.  Apparently Karl has no desire to travel the world, which is obvious whenever he makes an “observation” about a new society he is introduced to.

The Mister and I both agreed that this show is a new must watch. Not only do we get to learn about the 7 wonders and the surround countries, but we get to laugh until our sides hurt. His observations are outlandish; his jokes are off-color humor like Gervais. I highly, highly recommend checking it out. I truly think this may be my new favorite but not favorite Gervais creation.

“I thought that finding your dreams was supposed to make you happy, not a big douche.”

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I just finished watching Seth MacFarlane’s new cartoon comedy, “The Cleveland Show.” It is a spin-off of MacFarlane’s huge hit “Family Guy,” focusing on Cleveland Brown and an older and much fatter version of his son Cleveland Jr. TCS is only in the second season so there is not as much character development with Cleveland’s new friends. However, with Cleveland and Cleveland Jr. being part of the FG series, it allows the audience to feel connected with the entire ensemble; so it is not hard to jump right into the series even if you have never watched FG before.


In the first episode, the audience watches as Cleveland and Cleveland Jr. say good-bye to all their friends in Quahog to move to a different city. Although it was only planned for the two of them to stay in Cleveland’s hometown of Stoolbend for a week, the visit becomes permanent when Cleveland is reconnected with his high school crush, Donna. Donna and Cleveland end up getting married. Cleveland Jr. is thrilled to have a new family that includes Donna, Donna’s teenage smart-mouthed daughter Roberta and Donna’s five year-old, street smart son Rallo.


My favorite character is Cleveland Jr. He is sweet, either smart or dumb and overall just a big kid even though he is fourteen. I will admit, sometimes he breaks my heart and makes me want to cry because he is just that kid who always gets picked on. A lot of the times in the show, at the end he surprises everyone and sometimes even saves the day. My favorite scene of all time, and the Mister’ favorite, is the rap battle Cleveland Jr. has with Kenny West played by Kayne West.

Even though MacFarlane’s shows are all about families that are a little different and very unorthodox, I still love that the shows are focused on family life. There are lessons to be learned within all the humor. Majority of the time, it is simply that family will be there for you when the whole world turns its back to you. Maybe MacFarlane isn’t purposely putting this message into his shows, but I do feel like they are there and really enjoy seeing positive family values in a hilarious way.


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Documentaries seem to be my life line. No matter what the subject matter is, I just love watching them. I recently watched one called “B.I.K.E.” It is about the Black Label Bicycle Club in New York. The documentary was shot mostly during 2004.


This documentary had me feeling all kinds of different things. Let me explain the film a bit before; it will make it easier to understand. The two filmmakers, Jacob Sepitmus and Anthony Howard, “infiltrate” the Black Label Bicycle Club. The film is based around Tony trying to become part of the Brooklyn chapter. Along with Tony’s mission, we see his dangerous drug-filled relationship with his girlfriend, a bromance with Doyle, the “poster child” for Black Label and tall bike jousting, and then finally Tony’s own self-destructive habits. All of this is bundled together while learning about BLBC and the members’ lifestyle of anti-consumerism, environmentalist mindset and politically radical ideals. However, the founder of the group does not want the group to be politically driven. Yet, there is a huge aspect of the film based around the 2004 Republican National Convention.


My summary of the film is a little confusing, but so is the film itself. I have watched it a total of three times this week. Each time, I am grasping it more and more. Sometimes I am cheering for Tony. I want him to make it; I want him to feel like he has finally “fit in” somewhere. Other times, I cannot stand him. I think he is self-absorbed and a rich kid brat. His family seems really nice and supportive of everything he does. Not to mention, he even says that he is a rich kid that went to art school. (I am not knocking rich kids or art students; this guy was just pretentious.) The film is sometimes about the culture, sometimes about Tony’s life and then sometimes about Doyle. I understand it is about the sub-culture and everything about that lifestyle. In the end though, I cannot wrap my mind around the film as a whole. I do think it is very interesting, but there is a lot of drug use, nudity and fighting. It is basically just watching someone slowly go off the deep in while giving the world the middle finger. Either way, I would recommend everyone checking it out at least for a conversation piece among friends.

“Oh, go read The Bell Jar, you poser!”

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After my Chris Lilley kick, I moved on to cartoon comedy. Who better to run to than Seth MacFarlane for that genre of television shows? I think it is safe to say that everyone and their mother, well at least my mother and father, has seen an episode of  “Family Guy.” You probably left your living room after watching the show either realizing you found your new favorite television show or really offended. In my case, I did not find my favorite show, that title belongs to Buffy, (The Original True Blood….that is another tangent altogether though) but I did fall in love with the satirical humor of MacFarlane.

Now, I have watched enough FG to last a lifetime, but I have not watched that much of his other shows, “American Dad” and “The Cleveland Show.” So I began my journey with AD first. The show has always been hit and miss with me so I was hesitant to watch it, but after the Mister assured me that I would not be disappointed, I took the plunge.  As usual, the Mister was right.

AD is one of the best cartoon comedies I have seen in ages. The humor is almost always situational. To sum it up quickly for you, the show follows the random day-to-day events of the extremely right-wing CIA agent Stan, his dumb blonde, sweet as can be and former groupie now turned housewife Francine, an extreme left-wing, college daughter Hayley, his nerdy, boob searching son Steven, their “pet” alien Roger and “pet” goldfish Klaus. Klaus has had his brain switch by the CIA and is now actually an East German Olympic ski jumper in a goldfish’s body.

Roger is by far my favorite family member. He escaped from Area 51 with Stan after saving Stan’s life. Stan feels that he owes Roger so he takes him in without the knowledge of the CIA. Roger has a constant desire to be in the outside world. He leaves the home through various disguises, which end up being some of the most creative aspects of the show. Not to mention he is a raging alcoholic, which only adds to the character’s depth and humor.

This cartoon is a MUST watch. There are so many political references to America’s government. I love it. Oh! I almost forgot, you are guaranteed to see a musical number every other episode!

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