pretty seating

July 27, 2011 § 2 Comments

Because of my new roommate, my sister took all of my living room set. Although it gave me a chance to redecorate, there is that problem with loving furniture outside my pocket-book. Will and I found a lovely futon for a decent price, but if my wallet was a little fatter, these would end up in my house. The colors and modern style with a hint of classic cut makes them drool worthy. All these gorgeous couches were found at Urban Outfitters.


man oh man

July 13, 2011 § 1 Comment

If only I had a ton of money…That’s right, people: I am a poor, newly graduated twenty-something. My earnings go straight to bills, bills and savings. If I get lucky, my mom or the Mister’s mom gifts me a beautiful purse. If not, I am stuck using the same 6 purses over and over again. I have had the same 6 for over two years now. I spend a lot of my free time window shopping on the internet. Right now, I am on a new purse kick. My wallet, though, is not feeling a new purse.


maxi dresses

July 7, 2011 § 2 Comments

It is official. I have jumped on the band wagon. I am craving maxi dresses. The dresses are long, beautifully patterned and seem to be able to breathe during the hot days of the summer. Not to mention, the dresses can be dressed up with gladiator sandals and some silver or gold jewelry for your work day. Then at night, throw on some flip-flops and embrace your messy hair for a more casual look. I am sold on these pretties.


poolside baby

June 29, 2011 § 4 Comments

I am not sure if you know this, but it is summertime. You know how the sun is shining before you wake up in the morning, and it is insanely hot outside your door? Maybe you even have leather seats in your car, I think we all know what that feels like when first sitting down in the car. For the days you brace yourself to deal with the outrageously hot car, and you head to the pool, I think you should find yourself in one of these pretties.

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grow grow grow

June 22, 2011 § 4 Comments

I have been working on growing out my hair for about a year ago. It is finally passed my shoulders, and the longest it has ever been. My goal is for it to get past my boobies. I want to look like a mermaid during the summer. One of my goals for 24 before 24 was to take a photo of my hair growth every month to see how much it actually grows in a year. I am getting anxious about the hair. It is driving me nuts because it is at this awkward stage and with the humidity that never leaves KY, long hair makes you feel sticky and just gross. But, these pretty photos encourage me to keep growing my hair out.


patterns, patterns everywhere

June 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Patterns and textiles have always intrigued me. I love fabric shops. My hometown has this really cute little house that was converted into a fabric shop. There is three floors of adorable rooms filled to the brim with fabric. I love it. I went there for the first time around 5 years ago when I was beginning to get everything together for my own place. I was going there to pick out new fabric for a chair my Gma gave me. I wanted to recover it because the fabric on it was in bad shape. I went to Making Ends Meet and immediately saw this blue/green hued polka dots against brown and asked for it. The girl assisting me said, “are you sure you do not want to look at other fabrics?” No this is the one. 4 years later it is still my favorite piece in my home, and I consistently get complements on it.


wednesday wants: glasses

June 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Confession: You can call me four-eyes because I got ’em glasses.Yes, I always look that happy and pretty when I wear my glasses. Also, it is hard to keep up all my modeling gigs with that face of mine.

In all seriousness, about three years ago whenever I would read longer than ten minutes, I would have to stop because of a terrible headache. My mom told me I had to go get my eyes checked. This started a mini-blow up in my mom’s face. I am talking I went from a 20 year-old lady to a 2 year-old throwing a tantrum. 20/15 was always my vision. So I never bothered to get my eyes checked up regularly; my mother never bothered to take me because I would freak out when they tried to blast that “air” in my eye. (I have a theory on this “air” getting shot in your eye…) She must have been pretty embarrassed. Haha. Well skip on forward to 15 years later, and I still freaked out about that air test. In all fairness, I did warn the nurse and eye doctor that I do not handle things shooting at my eye very well.

The doctor told me I wore my eyes out. WTF right? Turns out, if you read a larger amount than what the doctor called normal, (my average at that time because of school and work was about 20 hours of small printed words per week and 25 hours on a computer screen) you can burn your eyes out. My eyes are about double my age, and I have astigmatism. Since I have not had my eyes checked since that horrid day, it is time I get my eyes checked and new glasses. Here are some styles I am thinking about.


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