Hawkins leaves us again

August 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

About a month ago, my good friend Hawkins left for another tour in Iraq. Hawkins will be gone for over a year which means he will miss a lot of holidays. As you know, Hawkins loves his holidays. His girlfriend wanted to send him off with something special that would help him get through the next rough year. So, she planned a surprise holidays party with all his friends. We had a slip-n-slide, a birthday cake, Christmas decor, Halloween pumpkins, fire works and a shot was had at midnight. I really miss the guy already, but through email, I get to talk to him weekly. I am just praying he comes home safe so we can continue to celebrate holidays together as a family.


bliss n eso

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Blogging has been on the back-burner for about three weeks now. I have been busy/needed some time away. There is a ton to catch up on: Hawkin’s going away party, a book review, phone photo dump, Mega Cavern ziplining and an apartment tour. After work this week I will be helping my dad on a project, but I am hoping I can still squeeze in time to edit photos, write and relax. Until then, I will leave you with my glory moment from this weekend.

I stayed at my parents house for the weekend to get away from Louisville, help my parents continue to clean out Will’s closets at home and have dinner with my parents and the Mister’s parents. It was nice to get away, but I am exhausted. Friday night I was preparing for bed when I realized I did not have my face wash. I further noticed the cleaned out bathroom in the basement. (Drew’s family will be living in the “apartment” in my parent’s basement while they build their house down the road.) Knowing that there was no way I could go to bed with full face make-up, I searched my options. I discovered liquid hand soap. Being the resourceful genius that I am, I used the hand soap. The liquid hand soap was contained in a darling black and chrome soap dispenser I can imagine my mother getting tickled pink about when she came across it in Bed, Bath and Beyond. I figured this was the best I could do. Roughly 30 seconds after drying my face off, I recalled how painful it was to get hand soap in your eye. I continued to rub my eyes and remembered Will left face wash upstairs in his bathroom. Recap: Instead of simply going up a flight of stairs to retrieve face wash, I decided to not only dry my face out but also burn my eyes while doing so.

On a lighter note, the Mister has caused me to become a lover of Bliss n Eso. I hope you can enjoy their music as well.

get it together

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I have been nothing but a negative nancy as of late. (Sidenote: I feel so bad for anyone named “Nancy;” they are stuck with such bad rep.) Nothing has made me super excited or happy; all my energy, can-do attitude and positive light has disappeared. I feel drained, defeated and just tired of being tired. Last weekend was spent surrounded by friends. For two nights in a row my house was filled with laughter, love and lots of food. Will and I decided to have a cookout. It did cause us to lay around in bed the next day but well worth it. Around 5am Saturday night/Sunday morning, I felt completely at peace with everything around me. My house was quiet, there was a storm outside and there was a wonderful, yet sometimes difficult man with his warmth blanketing me sharing my bed and everything was fine. My worries regarding my work, family members health issues, feuding with other family members, missing my Gma (she has been in NY for about a month now) and stress from beginning life with my little brother while facing the realization that I have to grow up has torn me down and out for sometime now. In that moment though, it all disappeared.

I needed to let loose, and I did just that this past weekend. Not only was some just good ol’ letting loose required and some stepping away from my computer for a bit, but I also needed some kind of break to take my mind away from everything. The Mister’s family had a Zip Lining day trip planned for a month or so. We went yesterday, and it was the perfect break. I slept in, I had fun and went wild on the lines and then ended the night early with a documentary. Not to mention, my cell phone was off for four hours, no work calls, no family calls, no worry about anything but being under ground and having a blast.

I finally am coming around and feeling like my old self again. It will take some time, but I will get there.

my blog?

July 30, 2011 § 3 Comments

photo by katie

I have spoken about why I blog before, but now it has been brought to my attention some people do not feel that my blog is authentic. This was brought up in casual conversation because the person which addressed this “concern”  knows very private details of my life. Private details of my life that I vowed to NEVER, EVER mention on my blog for many reasons.

Although this is a personal blog, and for the most part I share every detail of my life, my relationship is something that I never wanted completely out in the open. Why? Well, I have several reasons. For one, I do not think that my fights between the Mister and I need to be showcased on my blog. The fights we have stem from a very long and complicated past that is not easy to explain in one or two posts. Second, I respect my relationship. I respect my relationship on such a strong level that I do not want to actually say his name on this blog, hence I refer to him as “Mister.” There are things he might not be okay with me posting on my blog…private fights or details that are not allowed for the general public. They are for us. Finally, I do not want to put all the ugly, nasty details on my blog. I want my blog to be positive. I want my blog to be filled with good memories I will be able to reflect on later in my years.

Whether someone is happy with what I put on my blog or not is frankly none of their concern. This is my little space on the internet, not for anyone else. If I want to only include happy things in my life and not let everyone read about my disappointments or anger, than that is my right. I do not want people to come to my blog to read about what drama happened this day at work, with my friends or in my relationship. I want people to come here to read about me, read about things that make me happy, inspire me, challenge me or just what I have been up to. If you have a problem with it, do not read it. It won’t hurt my feelings.

a little trip to Wilma’s

July 22, 2011 § 1 Comment

A few weekends ago my siblings, the Mister and I headed two hours north to visit my aunt in the middle of nowhere. No cell phone services, no neighbors but it was filled with pure bliss. After getting lost for about an hour because we went a different way than normal, we finally made it to my Wilma’s for dinner. As soon as we were about to sit down to eat, there was a knock on the door. It was my dad coming to surprise his sister. He decided to take a little motorcycle ride and come have dinner with us as well. Luckily for my dad, the distance from his house and my aunt’s is shorter than from mine, plus he did not get lost.

After dinner we shot off bottle rockets, laughed at some of my uncle Marshall’s crazy antics, skipped rocks, went creek stomping (it is an Appalachian American thing…that is a political correct term for “hillbilly.”) and finally ended the night with a ride through the fields in the gator.

…new beginnings

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Allison moved out two weekends ago while I was house sitting in my hometown. My new roommate and little brother, Will, moved in this past week. I have said countless times, although there is only a two-year age difference between my sister and I, we are not at all alike. Will and I on the other hand? Not only do we look like twins despite a six-year age gap, our personalities are exactly the same. I was sad that Allison was moving out. It was hard to let go of those two years of my life. However, this new beginning is going to be an interesting one to say the least. Not only am I coming to terms with living under the same roof as an 18 year-old boy, I am also realizing that my college years are going to be prolonged because of this young blood living with me. However, here is to new beginnings. Wish me luck!

busy, full weekend

July 6, 2011 § 3 Comments

My firm was closed on Friday, so I had a four-day weekend! I started it off with a proper bang which included a surprise for my Mister, girl time with my Katie and lots and lots of photos. I am talking 300+ pictures! Here is a little sneak peek.

This is just a sneak peek…all the edit photos Katie did are just phenomenal. The Mister seemed to be pretty pleased with his surprise. I could tell a huge difference in both my and Katie’s comfort levels in front and behind the camera since the last time we did this. The two of us were on it that day. We were outside for 3 hours in our hometown at Katie’s grandparent’s old farmhouse. It was so gorgeous. I am talking breath-taking green hills, smell of mint in fields and old, rusted-out cars. I did not realize how exhausted I was because of all the walking, posing and changing of clothes until I got home. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was out for the count.

I took my Gma shopping Friday morning which included surprise deals at the check out counter (cannot beat that!), new pillows and lunch. My Gma is so much fun and sassy. It was really nice to have time together, just the two of us. It has been awhile since we had a girls day. That afternoon the Mister and I headed to my older brother’s friend’s house to pick up our new-to-us end tables and tv. It turns out the end tables were originally given to Tim and Kristy (Logan’s parents) free at a yard sale years ago, then they gave them to some of their friends and now we have them! So the end tables have had a total of 4 different families that we know of right now.

With the loaded car and all, we hit up Old Chicago for some dinner then made a surprise visit to Alyson. We woke her up just in time for her to cut her grass. Finally, we went to Derek and Carrie‘s house. The night was spent with music knowledge and a board game (obviously).

Saturday was spent getting things tidy around the house for a new move. However, that night was spent with the fabulous crew again. We were looking hot, possibly two sheets to the wind and practiced our back rubs on each other in the car on the way to the bar.

Sunday was all about the family cookouts for us. We went to the Mister’s first, ate way too much, had tons of laughs, admired sunburns and discussed the Mister’s cousin’s upcoming wedding. The 40 minute drive to my family’s cookout did not help the Mister and my stuffed stomach from emptying out. I honestly think I ate enough for a small army. How was your fourth? Funny enough, of all the activities the Mister and I did this weekend, we did not go to one place to watch fireworks.

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